Armchair: Your AI Copilot in Choosing the Perfect Side Hustle

Armchair: Your AI Copilot in Choosing the Perfect Side Hustle


Welcome to AI Demos, the comprehensive directory for cutting-edge AI tools designed to streamline your daily tasks and decision-making. Today, we're introducing Armchair, an AI copilot that takes the guesswork out of selecting the perfect business or side hustle. Designed with your unique interests, skills, and aspirations in mind, Armchair optimizes your chances of finding fulfillment, success, and financial stability in your entrepreneurial journey.


Armchair is an AI-powered companion that serves as your personalized business consultant, boasting several significant features:

  1. Personalized Suggestions: Armchair uses AI to match you with businesses or side hustles that align with your interests, skills, experience, and goals.

  2. Wide Array of Options: The tool generates a selection of five business ideas, with the option to reveal five more at your discretion, giving you a broad spectrum of opportunities to explore.

  3. Targeted Questions: Armchair asks specific questions about your preferences and skills to ensure the ideas generated are closely tailored to you.

Steps To Use:

Using Armchair to uncover the ideal side hustle is straightforward and intuitive. Here are the steps:

  1. Begin by clicking on 'Get Started'.

  2. You'll be asked 'Why do you want to start a side hustle?' Select the option that resonates with your aspirations.

  3. Next, indicate what type of business you're interested in starting.

  4. Specify your area of interest, such as writing, marketing, sales, etc.

  5. Answer whether you're an active social media user, as this can influence the types of businesses suited to you.

  6. Indicate your working style preference - do you prefer working solo or collaborating with others?

  7. Choose three areas where you have experience, which will help tailor the results to your skillset.

  8. Are you a technical or non-technical person? Select the option that best describes you.

  9. Finally, enter your zip code and email address.

Once these steps are completed, Armchair will generate five business ideas that align with your responses. If you wish to explore further, click on 'Get 5 More Ideas' for additional options.

How Does it Work?

Armchair utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze the information you provide and match you with suitable business or side hustle ideas. The algorithm takes into account your preferences, skills, experiences, and goals to suggest ventures where you have the highest potential for success and satisfaction.

To see Armchair in action watch our demo video. Learn how you can harness this powerful AI tool to uncover the right side hustle for you.


Armchair is designed to provide several key benefits:

  1. Personalized Guidance: Armchair provides personalized suggestions tailored to your unique set of skills, experiences, and goals.

  2. Time-saving: Armchair eliminates the need for extensive research and brainstorming, saving you precious time in your side hustle journey.

  3. Increased Success Rate: By aligning you with ventures that fit your profile, Armchair increases your chances of finding success, fulfillment, and financial stability in your side hustle.


Armchair is a potent AI tool that can simplify the process of finding the right side hustle or business opportunity. By considering your interests, skills, and preferences, it aligns you with potential ventures where you're most likely to find success and satisfaction.

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