Introducing Vizcom: Unleashing AI-Powered Design Transformation

Introducing Vizcom: Unleashing AI-Powered Design Transformation


Welcome to, your gateway to exploring the fascinating world of AI tools through immersive video demos. In this blog post, we're excited to introduce you to "Vizcom," the revolutionary tool that redefines product visualization and design creation. Immerse yourself in the next generation of creative possibilities as we unveil how Vizcom leverages AI to bring your concepts to life.


Vizcom presents a comprehensive suite of features that propel your design process into the future:

  1. Instant Concept Transformation: Witness your sketches magically transform into captivating concept drawings within seconds. Vizcom AI takes your ideas and turns them into tangible visuals, bridging the gap between imagination and reality.

  2. Accelerated Design Process: Vizcom empowers industrial designers with a range of tools such as Prompts, Live Render, 3D Paint, and Drawing Tools. These features work seamlessly to streamline the design journey, from ideation to execution.

  3. Style Diversity: Choose from landscape, portrait, or square sketch styles to align with your creative vision. Vizcom adapts to your preferences, allowing you to present your concepts exactly as you envision them.

  4. AI-Assisted Drawing: Leverage the power of AI for enhanced drawing experiences. Vizcom's Drawing Influence feature assists you in refining your sketches, resulting in polished and visually striking designs.

Steps to Use:

Follow these simple steps to transform your concepts into reality:

  1. Select Sketch Style: Begin by choosing the style of sketch that best suits your vision—landscape, portrait, or square.

  2. Sketch and Describe: Let your creativity flow as you draw a sketch of your concept. Describe your creation with a prompt that encapsulates your idea's essence.

  3. Choose Mode and Influence: Select the mode that aligns with your desired outcome. Adjust the drawing influence to let Vizcom's AI enhance your sketch based on your chosen style.

  4. Generate and Confirm: Click "Generate" to witness Vizcom's magic in action. Once an image is created, review and confirm its accuracy before proceeding.

  5. Export Your Creation: With a click, export your transformed concept image. Vizcom makes it effortless to share and showcase your ideas with the world.

How Does It Work?

Vizcom harnesses the power of AI to analyze your sketches, understand your prompts, and transform them into beautifully rendered concept drawings. This seamless process enables designers to rapidly iterate and refine their creative concepts.

Experience the design revolution firsthand by watching our immersive video demo. See how Vizcom transforms sketches into captivating visuals while enhancing your creative process.


Embrace the future of design with benefits such as:

  • Time-Saving Innovation: Expedite the design process by rapidly transforming concepts into visual assets.

  • Enhanced Creativity: Leverage AI to enhance your sketches, leading to more sophisticated and visually appealing designs.

  • Seamless Sharing: Effortlessly share your designs with clients, colleagues, and the world, enhancing collaboration and communication.


In the dynamic landscape of AI innovation, Vizcom stands as a beacon of creativity and efficiency for industrial designers and beyond. With the power to transform sketches into stunning concept drawings in mere seconds, Vizcom redefines what's possible in the world of product visualization. By seamlessly blending AI technology with the artistic process, Vizcom empowers designers to unlock their creative potential and bring their ideas to life with unmatched speed and precision. We invite you to explore the limitless possibilities that Vizcom offers and witness its magic in action on

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