Unraveling Research Papers Made Easy with ExplainPaper

Unraveling Research Papers Made Easy with ExplainPaper


Navigating through complex academic papers can be a daunting task, even for seasoned researchers. But fear not, as ExplainPaper is here to simplify the process. ExplainPaper is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to enhance your understanding of research papers. It allows you to upload a paper, highlight confusing text, and then provides clear explanations, making academic literature more accessible than ever before. In this blog post, we will explore the features, steps to use, how it works, and the numerous benefits of ExplainPaper.


ExplainPaper is packed with features to assist you in comprehending research papers:

  1. Text Highlighting: You can easily highlight any part of the paper that you find confusing or challenging to understand.

  2. AI-Powered Explanations: ExplainPaper's AI algorithms generate clear and concise explanations for the highlighted text, breaking down complex concepts into digestible information.

  3. Copy and Save: Once an explanation is provided, you can easily copy and save it for future reference.

  4. Related Links: ExplainPaper generates related links to help you explore additional resources or context related to the highlighted text.

  5. Ask Follow-Up Questions: If you need further clarification or have questions, you can use the "Ask a Follow-Up" feature to get answers.

Steps to Use:

ExplainPaper is designed for simplicity and ease of use:

  1. Upload Your Document: Begin by uploading the research paper you want to understand better.

  2. Highlight Confusing Text: As you read through the paper, highlight any text that you find perplexing or unclear.

  3. Click "Explain": After highlighting, click the "Explain" button. ExplainPaper will then generate a straightforward explanation of the selected text.

  4. Copy and Save: You can copy and save the explanation for future reference or further study.

  5. Explore Related Links: If you want to delve deeper into the topic, check out the related links provided by ExplainPaper.

  6. Ask Follow-Up Questions: If you still have questions or need more information, use the "Ask a Follow-Up" feature to seek clarification.

How Does It Work?

ExplainPaper employs advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze the highlighted text and the context within the research paper. It then generates explanations that are tailored to provide clarity and understanding, ensuring that readers can grasp even the most complex concepts.

To experience ExplainPaper in action, watch our demo video showcasing how to use this AI-powered tool to simplify complex research papers.


  • Enhanced Understanding: ExplainPaper helps readers better comprehend research papers, making academic literature more accessible.

  • Time Efficiency: Save time by quickly obtaining explanations for confusing text, streamlining your research process.

  • Comprehensive Assistance: With related links and the ability to ask follow-up questions, ExplainPaper offers comprehensive support for research paper exploration.


ExplainPaper is a game-changing tool that bridges the gap between complex research papers and comprehensive understanding. Its AI-powered capabilities, including text highlighting, clear explanations, related links, and the ability to ask follow-up questions, empower users to navigate academic literature with ease. With ExplainPaper, you can save time, enhance your comprehension, and unlock the full potential of research papers.

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