Revolutionize Your Online Testing with Quilgo: Simplify Assessments, Ensure Integrity, and Save Time

Revolutionize Your Online Testing with Quilgo: Simplify Assessments, Ensure Integrity, and Save Time


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Today, we are excited to introduce Quilgo - an online testing platform that makes creating and conducting assessments a breeze. With its range of features including instant quiz generation, AI camera and screen tracking, and automated certificates, Quilgo sets a new standard for seamless and trustworthy online assessments.


  1. Instant Quizzes: Generate quizzes effortlessly with a few clicks, saving time and effort.

  2. AI Camera and Screen Tracking: Maintain exam integrity by leveraging AI technology to monitor participants' activities.

  3. Automated Certificates: Recognize participants' achievements with automatically generated online test certificates.

Steps to Use:

  1. Join Now: Visit Quilgo and click on "Join Now" to create your account and access the platform.

  2. Generate Quiz: Enter the topic for your quiz and click on "Generate Quiz." Review the generated questions and make any desired edits.

  3. Add Questions: Click on "Add Questions" to choose the question type (e.g., MCQ, dropdown) and provide the question, options, and correct answer.

  4. Settings: Customize the test settings, including start time, duration, submission deadline, and additional features like enabling camera and screen recording.

  5. Share and Collect Responses: Share the test link with your respondents and track their responses.

  6. Reports: Access comprehensive reports and download them in Excel format for further analysis.

How Does Quilgo Work?

Quilgo leverages advanced algorithms to generate quizzes instantly based on your specified topic. It incorporates an AI camera and screen-tracking technology to ensure the integrity of online assessments. The platform automates the certification process, providing participants with online test certificates upon successful completion.

To experience Quilgo in action, watch our demo video and witness how Quilgo simplifies online testing and revolutionizes the way assessments are conducted.

Benefits of Using Quilgo:

  1. Time-saving: Generate quizzes quickly and streamline the assessment process.

  2. Trustworthy Assessments: AI camera and screen tracking ensure the integrity and minimize cheating.

  3. Seamless Administration: Easily manage test settings, track responses, and download comprehensive reports.


Quilgo is a game-changing online testing platform that simplifies the assessment process with its innovative features. From instant quiz generation to AI camera and screen tracking, Quilgo ensures seamless and trustworthy online assessments. By providing automated certificates and streamlining the test administration process, Quilgo empowers educators, trainers, and organizations to conduct efficient and reliable assessments.

We invite you to visit AI Demos at to explore a wide range of AI tools through engaging video demos. Discover the possibilities of AI and stay informed about the latest advancements in the field. Experience the future of assessments with Quilgo and unlock the potential of AI in education, training, and evaluation. Visit today to embark on your AI-driven learning journey!